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We are a small Southern Oregon based Hemp Farm specializing in growing some of the highest-quality, high-percentage CBD hemp available on the market today.

Here at Leilani Farms, we believe that to get a great CBD product, you must first start with the best quality seed. All of our seeds are feminized and have been developed using the latest in research and development from a local Oregon company. For more information on our seed genetics, please visit Oregon CBD Seeds.
We are fortunate to also live in a location that is perfect for growing hemp. We have beautiful long sunny days and nice even temperatures at night. It makes great conditions to grow our hemp outside, like nature intended, throughout the entire growing season.

We take pride in our growing program and our natural approach to farming! Our soil is Au Naturale. It has never been touched by chemicals or pesticides and we naturally fertilize the ground, for our special plants, from our grass-fed dairy cows. We irrigate our fields using a seasonal creek located at the back of our farm property and they get plenty of days full of sunshine!

Our flowers have all been examined by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and passed THC compliance tests. Copies of our tests are included with all of our shipments, in addition to a notice to law enforcement verifying that we are compliant with all state and federal laws. Our products are shipped via USPS. We do not currently ship internationally. All orders are trimmed and packaged as ordered so there is always a bit of time involved in getting your order crafted together for you. All orders under 5 pounds will be fulfilled and shipped out within 3 business days. Please allow extra time for larger wholesale orders.

We look forward to providing high-quality, high percentage CBD hemp for this 2021/2022 season!


Our trim/shake is a combination of sugar leaf, tiny bits of trimmed premium, high CBD/CBG flower and trichomes that is mixed all together. It has many purposes, but our favorite is for making teas and tinctures!

Smalls (popcorn flower):

Our smalls, or popcorn flower, is premium, high CBD/CBG flower that is just a bit smaller in size. Most buds are about the size of popped popcorn. They are lightly machine trimmed so still have a bit of leaf on them. This product is great for any reason.

Untrimmed Flower:

Our untrimmed flower is premium, high CBD/CBG flower that has been hand cut from the stems. It has had some of the fan leaves removed. Untrimmed flower is great for customers looking for a better-priced flower and want to trim it up themselves.

Machine Trimmed Flower:

Our machine trimmed flower is premium, high CBD/CBG flower that has been hand cut from the stems. It is then run through a tumble trimmer, removing most of the fan leaf, and the smalls are separated out. This is a wonderful option for customers wanting a great product for a great value.

Hand Trimmed Flower:

Our hand trimmed flower is the best of the best! It is premium, high CBD/CBG flower that has been hand cut from the stems. It is then trimmed by hands by one of our skilled in-house trimmers. This flower is ready to put on the shelves to sell or smoke it as soon as you get it!

Tinys (machine trimmed):

Our tiny flower is our premium, high CBD/CBG flower that has been run through the tumble trimmer. These tiny little leftovers are amazing for almost any application-packing prerolls with them is our favorite!

2021 Hemp Flower

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